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Harlingen Medical Center Volunteer Retires From South Texas to Serve in California

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Harlingen Medical Center Volunteer Retires From South Texas to Serve in California

Harlingen – When you meet Zoila Rolon, 83, you see a nice, gentle grandmother, mother, sister, and friend. But, you have no idea just how incredible of a human being she is – until you sit down with her for a cup of coffee and hear her extraordinary story of service to others.

Her service to others extends from Harlingen Medical Center, in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, all the way across the world to Medjugorje, a town located in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia. She recently retired from being a Special Project Volunteer and Pastoral Services Volunteer, at Harlingen Medical Center, where she visited patients and prayed with those who wished to engage in prayer, taking communion to those who were unable to attend worship services, and completed special projects for the hospital's Marketing and Business Development Department. But, her desire to serve others came from two unusual experiences in her life, having a troublesome teenager and experiencing an attempted car robbery.

Ms. Rolon portrait

"I remember thinking in my mind, God please let me survive this and I will serve you as best I can," recalls Ms. Rolon of her attempted car robbery. "This man came out of nowhere and attacked me as I was walking to my car in a Houston parking lot. He started hitting my head, in an attempt to take my car keys away, and I put my hands on my head to protect myself. And, that's when I called out to God to save me. And, He did."

That experience, along with a troublesome teen, who skipped school, and later became a not so "ideal" mother, in Ms. Rolon's eyes, are what catapulted her to seek God, serve Him, and serve others.

"I wasn't too big on faith before these experiences, but, I am now," said Ms. Rolon. "I survived what to me was a horrible experience when someone tried to steal my car from me. And, after continuous prayer, and over the years, I witnessed the great changes in my troublesome teen into a responsible, loving and caring daughter, mother and human being. She is now a U.S. Probation Officer for the State of California. I'm very proud of what she has done with her life."

And, if you personally know Ms. Rolon, you can't help but feel very proud of what she has accomplished with her life. To know that there are still people, in society today, who genuinely care about the well-being of others and making a difference in the lives of others.

"We were incredibly lucky to have Ms. Rolon serve as a special project and pastoral services volunteer at Harlingen Medical Center," said Manny Chacon, Director of Business Development and Marketing. "I had the privilege of working alongside Ms. Rolon since June of 2005 and she is an incredible testament to the power of service to others and the power of love towards others."

While still living in the Rio Grande Valley, Ms. Rolon served others in many capacities. She most recently served hospital patients at Harlingen Medical Center. She volunteered with the non-profit community-based organization, Senior Companions, in which she visited elderly women at their homes and assisted them with simple chores such as reading the mail to them, made phone calls for them, offered prayer, and read Biblical scriptures to them.

"My service to others has all been led by God," said Ms. Rolon. "He has utilized my life as a tool to help others in need. And, I have, and enjoy, doing it. God has been very good to me. I am Blessed."

Ms. Rolon has now moved from the Rio Grande Valley to be closer to her children in California. She has recently settled in with one of her daughters and is getting ready to start volunteering at her local church.

"We have so much to be thankful in this life," said Ms. Rolon. "All people need to do is acknowledge the beautiful life that they lead and make a conscientious choice to live a life of service to others, because that is what in the end fulfills the soul."