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Harlingen Medical Center Offers Surgical Weight Loss Information Seminar

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Harlingen Medical Center Offers Surgical Weight Loss Information Seminar

Harlingen – Losing weight. It is not an easy task to accomplish. It takes a sincere commitment, on your behalf, to eat healthier, exercise, and make healthier choices for yourself. This commitment begins with making the conscious decision that you are going to change your life. Then comes the conscious decision to eat healthier foods. And, finally comes the conscious decision to incorporate daily exercise into your life. If you are someone who is trying to lose weight, and cannot; someone who is 100-pounds over their ideal weight; someone who suffers from comorbidities – brought on by excess weight; then, you may be a candidate for surgical weight loss. The Surgical Weight Loss Program at Harlingen Medical Center will offer an information seminar on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. to introduce the program and its services.

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"Weight loss is something that many people are looking to accomplish in their lives," said Manny Chacon, Director of The Surgical Weight Loss Program at Harlingen Medical Center. "Many are looking to accomplish this because they want to be healthier, more physically active, and they want to improve their overall lifestyle. Surgical weight loss is a tool that is available for people to lose weight."

The Surgical Weight Loss Program information seminar will feature an in-depth PowerPoint presentation featuring:

  • General overview of program services
  • Surgical procedures offered
  • Available management/guidance through the program
  • Available nutritional management/guidance through the program
  • Nutritional management/guidance after the surgery
  • Financing options available for the procedure
  • Exercise regimen after the surgery
  • Available support group after the surgery

Those who attend the information seminar will also be given the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback regarding the program, procedure, exercise regimen, financial assistance and more.

The Surgical Weight Loss Program at Harlingen Medical Center offers the laparoscopic adjustable band and the laparoscopic gastric sleeve, which are available to men, women, and young adults.

"The ideal candidate for surgical weight loss is someone who is a minimum of 100-pounds over their ideal weight, suffers from comorbidities such as: diabetes, hypertension, and/or osteoarthritis, said Chacon. "There are a number of qualifying factors that someone looking to get surgical weight loss should meet before they consider this path. This is a serious procedure, which gives people a great tool to begin their weight loss, but, there are serious matters to consider before one chooses surgical weight loss."

According to bariatric experts, surgical weight loss is ideally for someone who has a need to resolve medical problems related to obesity. That is because surgical weight loss has shown that it can improve the health status of a patient. In some instances it has shown to dissolve diabetes. It has shown to resolve issues with hypertension. And, if the patient follows specific dietary, exercise and vitamin instruction, it can have great benefit to the patient's health.

Surgical weight loss is designed to alter the anatomy of a patient's stomach, limiting their ability to in-take food. With the laparoscopic adjustable band a ring, also known as a band, is placed around a portion of the stomach in order to restrict the in-take of food. This creates a smaller stomach pouch – allowing for lesser food in-take; helping the patient reduce their weight. With the laparoscopic gastric sleeve, 80% of the stomach is removed surgically – creating a smaller stomach pouch that is then stapled. The newly created smaller stomach pouch will allow for lesser food in-take, helping the patient reduce their weight.

"The goal of our surgical weight loss program is to improve the patient's health, quality of life and life span, by inducing weight loss," said Chacon. "Through our program, the patient will also be able to improve self-image and cosmetic appearance, while moving forward with a new healthier life."

The Surgical Weight Loss Program at Harlingen Medical Center features multidisciplinary support before, during and after surgery. Comprehensive pre-surgical evaluation and physical, sophisticated surgery and post-operative follow-ups that help transform the health and life of the patient. The program and resources combined with the highly experienced staff at Harlingen Medical Center will give patients the best opportunity for successful long term weight loss and improved health.

If you would like to attend The Surgical Weight Loss Program information seminar, please RSVP at 956-365-1140 or at The seminar will be held in the Medical Office Building (MOB) Conference Room at Harlingen Medical Center, located at 5505 S. Expressway 77 in Harlingen.