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Patient-Focused Care

At Harlingen Medical Center we put our patients first. The concept of "patient-focused care" is fundamental. The design, management, staffing and operation of the hospital are all focused on the patient's perspective, needs and overall comfort.

Benefits of Patient Focused Care

  • All private rooms designed and equipped for every stage of treatment.
  • Care provided in a cost effective manner that meets patient needs (rather than the hospital's convenience).
  • Coordinated and managed patient services to ensure high quality care.
  • Decentralized patient services located close to the patient's room aides in minimizing patient transport throughout the hospital.
  • The nursing staff is cross-trained and can perform several different tasks while providing high quality care.
  • Nursing care teams are assigned and remain with the patient (whenever possible) to provide consistency and familiarity of care. They serve as an advocate for the patient throughout their hospitalization.
  • We involve patients and family members in the care of their loved ones. It is an essential component of our care delivery. Understanding the patient's needs and condition allows the patient and family members to be active in the patient's recovery.

Outcomes of Patient-Focused Care

  • Improved continuity/continuum of care.
  • Less movement of patients throughout the hospital.
  • Increased direct care activities.
  • An environment tailored to the needs of each patient.
  • Empowered staff to plan and execute their work in ways that are more responsive to patient's needs.
  • Increased patient satisfaction.
  • This team approach to patient focused-care will maximize coordination of care with efficiency to meet the mission, vision, and values of Harlingen Medical Center.